Engine Testing


All engine test cells are computer controlled with automation capability.  Controlled combustion air is available in most test cells. 


  We set up our own instrumentation packages and can easily add capacity as needed.  Along with our wide array of normal instrumentation, we also offer crank angle based high speed data acquisition.


Emissions test cells on site including transient emissions with AC motoring dynos.  Most of our test cells contain eddy current or water brake dynos with a range of 25-1000HP.  2 high horsepower test cells are available for 1000-4500HP engines.

  • Engine Emissions Development
  • Transient Emissions Testing (Per CFR)
  • Steady-state Emissions Testing
  • Competitive Engine Bench-marking
  • Engine Performance Development
  • Engine Durability Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Aftertreament Aging
  • Engine Deep Thermal Cycle Testing
  • Much more...