Engine Endurance and Durability Testing

Offering 24/7 operation, Excel Engineering provides cost effective durability testing cells. Our automation and controls allow flexibility and reduce the need for operators. We can program any customer specific durability test cycles. Safety monitoring with automatic alarms and shut downs protect your investment. IP cameras allow access around the clock.

  • Test Cycles
  • Industry standard cycles
  • Proprietary cycles
  • Custom designed cycles
  • OEM specific tests
  • Emissions deterioration factors
  • Complete engine validation
  • Component durability
  • Power checks
  • Blowby monitoring
  • Compression and leak down
  • Fuel and lubricant evaluations
  • Octane requirement
  • Knock evaluations
  • Oil consumption evaluations
  • Failure analysis
Durability test cells
Endurance and Durability Testing

Endurance and Durability Testing Capabilities:

  • Transient capable Eddy-current dynamometers
  • Combustion air control (temp and humidity)
  • Exhaust back pressure control
  • Heated and Chilled fluids
  • Automated data acquisition and control
  • OEM diagnostic equipment
  • Road simulation cycles
  • Catalyst ageing
  • Vehicle drive cycle simulation
  • Thermal shock
  • Manifold cracking

Excel Engineering offers specialized engine test cells for all your needs including combustion analysis or automated mapping, and emissions. We have test cells designed around the needs of small engines, diesel engines, large engines, marine engines, and LPG / Natural Gas / CNG.