Electric/Hybrid Powertrain Development Lab

AV900 and ABC 150 Battery Simulators:

  • 1000A, 900V and 250kW
  • 25 – 750V DC sink or source
  • 0 – 500A Current
  • CAN bus communication
  • Hardware in the loop system
  • 48 channel high voltage measurement hardware

Environmental Control

  • 700 CFM of continuous fresh air ventilation
  • Chamber depressurized 5 to 10 Pa below ambient
  • Chamber temperature controlled from 70F to 140F
  • Insulated enclosure temperature control from -20F to 70F
  • Liquid cooled pack temperature control via cooling cart
battery test

Safety System

  • Barrier between operators and test article (High voltage safety)
  • Passive and redundant active safety system
  • Fully automatic detection and response to heat, smoke, or flame
  • Automatic CO2 system (flame suppression)
  • 60kWhr liquid loop (remove heat release )
battery test diagram