Engine Testing and Emissions Testing

Excel Engineering is a highly qualified and ISO 17025 accredited provider of testing services. Our engine dynamometer emissions test lab is fully compliant with EPA 40CFR 1065 engine testing equipment and procedures. With a focus on high quality and cost-effective solutions, Excel Engineering serves all the needs of the Automotive, Heavy Duty, Non-Road Equipment, Battery Electric, Marine, Locomotive, Motorcycle and ATV, Oil and Gas, and Portable Fuel Container markets. Excel Engineering is a mid-west provider and your global partner. With a total 40 engine test cells combined and two locations to serve you at our Headquarters in Diagonal, Iowa and our Detroit Technical Center. Excel Engineering provides numerous services for emissions certification in accordance to US EPA and California ARB requirements including:

  • 40 CFR §1065 Engine testing capabilities for up to 4000 HP.
  • 40 CFR §1037.565 Axle efficiency testing for Heavy Duty vehicle Green House Gas
  • 40 CFR §86 Motorcycle & ATV testing facilities for emissions and service accumulation for vehicles up to 80” wide and 3750 lbs.
  • 40 CFR §1060 facilities for Evaporative Fuel Tank permeation testing
  • Evaporative SHED for Motorcycles, ATV’s, and Non-Road Spark Ignited Equipment

Our Detroit Technical Center facilities are focused on the growing Hybrid and Electric markets. Our Battery Systems Development Lab can provide battery performance, efficiency, cycling, and durability services.

Our Detroit Technical Center is also a fully equipped Prototype Machine and Assembly shop. We can build prototype parts and even perform pilot builds. We have a fully integrated purchasing team, and a web-based inventory control tool for our customers. We have full automated machining centers, milling, turning, and coordinate measurement systems.

Excel engineering also provides powertrain test cells for transmissions, transfer cases, and other driveline components. We provide off level tilt testing for marine engines based on Coast Guard requirements. We provide full portfolio of engine development support from mechanical development, calibration, validation, emission certification, and OBD diagnostics services.