In Use Testing

Let Excel Engineering show you how easy it can be to complete you next in use testing program.

  • Excel will purchase and finance your list of test vehicles.
  • Vehicles will be transported to our facility with our direct drivers and owned fleet of flatbed trucks.
  • Upon arrival, vehicles are carefully inspected.
  • Engines, components, catalysts are removed and installed directly into our exhaust emissions test cells.
  • Testing is performed and provided for review and approval.
  • Vehicles are then fully reassembled and sold back to the market.
  • Acquisition costs are performed at a flat rate, installation and removal is performed at a flat rate, engine installation to the test cell is performed at a flat rate, and exhaust emissions testing is performed at a flat rate.
in use testing
in use testing

Use of a single source fully contained program offers our customers an integrated one stop shopping experience. Excel Engineering provides it's own in-house direct transportation, technicians, and dynamometer operators multiple vendors and finger pointing are eliminated, along with all the headaches, scheduling, packaging, transportation damage, and owner satisfaction issues