Large Engine Testing

  • 40 CFR §1065 Compliant Large Engine Test Cells
  • Spark Ignited and Compression Ignited Engines
  • 2 Test Cells with 4500hp
  • Temp and Humidity Controlled Combustion Air
  • Gaseous Emissions: California Analytical Emissions Bench
  • PM Emissions: Sierra Instruments BG3
  • Fuels: diesel, NG or LPG

Large engine testing

We offer generously proportioned test cells at Excel Engineering to accommodate the needs of large engines. We have full in-house rigging support and can perform the offloading with in-house resources. Our large engine test cells provide a range of operations fuel capabilities, a 4500 HP dynamometer, EPA 1065 Emissions, Combustion analysis capabilities, and dual conditioned combustion air supply units with controlled temperature and humidity for engines with twin turbocharging. Excel Engineering has experience running engines up to 120 L displacement. We can run ISO 8178 test cycles for Nonroad, Mobile, Stationary, and Marine engines. With a dedicated municipal main NG supply line, and a gas chromatograph on site, and experience with gas blending from 600 BTU/cubic foot up to 2500 BTU-cubic foot. Our low temperature underground cooling system can simultaneously feed engines with twin water-cooled radiators, and twin low temperature chare air coolers with setpoint temperature feedback controllers. We also have electronic control valves to deliver a range of inlet air and exhaust restrictions for the measurement of Not To Exceed emission testing certification requirements.