Permeation Emissions Testing

Excel Engineering has extensive experience performing cost effective permeation testing of gasoline fuel tanks. Excel is presently performing in-use testing directly for the US EPA. We perform the full durability and preconditioning series with UV exposure, slosh, and pressure cycling. Preconditioning is performed simultaneously with the durability series provide cost effective and rapid results to our customers. Our facilities are qualified for all the testing requirements for the EPA and CARB evaporative emissions certification.

Testing Procedures and Specifications
On Highway Motorcycle Procedures 40 CFR §86.410-2006
Off Highway Motorcycles, ATV’s 40 CFR §1051.515
Nonroad Equipment: 40 CFR §1060.520
40 CFR §1060.521
Portable Fuel Containers 40 CFR §59.653

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Excel Engineering is your partner for all your fuel container needs.  We test metal fuel tanks and plastic fuel tanks.  We test gas cans and all types of portable fuel containers.